My Mission:

To lift and inspire individuals to new heights
through beautiful art

As the world becomes more evil, I wish to lift and inspire

Because, you see, my dream is to lift each person higher

As the world becomes polluted, I want all to see its beauty

Because you see, my dream is a world of light and purity.

As the world becomes more troubled, I wish this site to be an oasis of peace

Because you see, my dream is a world where all fighting has ceased.

When people’s faith begins to fail, I wish to lift them up

And bring them to the Savior so He can fill their empty cup.

When someone’s hope begins to slacken, I wish to open their eyes

To the goodness and glory of God who’s so good and kind and wise.

When people forget who they are, I want them to always remember

They are children of a loving God - a beloved family member.

When people forget why they are here, I wish to show them the reason

God sent them here to Earth – to learn and grow – each in his season.

When people forget where they are going, I wish to show the way home.

For God wants all his children to return – no more to wander and roam.

When people hunger, I wish to lead them to He who is the Bread of Life

So they can feast with the Savior – each son, daughter, husband and wife

My mission, then, is to lift and inspire, to strengthen and to build

So each can know the Savior’s love for them is eternal and real.

To this end I dedicate this site and hope all who enter here

Will be edified and uplifted is my one and only wish sincere.

Inspiring Art for Everyone

Kent F Langston

May 7, 2007